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UK TV Schedule Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited On Watch

Doctor Who retrospective The Doctors Revisited will screen on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 October and 16 November on UKTV channel Watch, with each episode followed by a classic Doctor Who adventure starring the Doctor in question.

The acclaimed documentary series provides an introduction to each incarnation of the Time Lord, complete with cast interviews, clips, a montage of the Doctor’s key moments, iconic lines and the monsters he has fought. Contributors include current showrunner Steven Moffat, Tenth Doctor David Tennant, former executive producer Caroline Skinner and Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman.

Kicking off with a look back at William Hartnell’s First Doctor, the opening programme will be followed by four-part 1964 adventure The Aztecs, set in 15th century Mexico.

Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor will face one of the Time Lord’s deadliest foes in Tomb of the Cybermen, first shown in 1967, while Third Doctor Jon Pertwee will appear in Spearhead in Space, the first adventure featuring the Nestene consciousness and animated mannequins the Autons.

Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and his companion Sarah Jane Smith, played by Elisabeth Sladen, will visit The Pyramids of Mars, where ancient dark forces are threatening all life on Earth in a story dating from 1975.
The Cybermen rear their ugly heads again, this time battling Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor in 1982 adventure Earthshock, while Sixth Doctor Colin Baker and his companion Peri find themselves trapped in the dreaded Punishment Dome in 1985’s Vengeance on Varos.

Arthurian Legend meets science-fiction in 1989's Battlefield as Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy and his companion Ace join forces with the Brigadier and UNIT to take on the evil Morgaine, who identifies the Doctor as her enemy Merlin. 

McCoy also briefly features in Doctor Who: The Movie, as Paul McGann makes his one and only appearance as the Eighth Doctor, battling Eric Roberts’s Master. Meanwhile Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, and companions Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness, play for their lives on board the Game Station in 2005 two-part finale Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, unaware that the Daleks are lying in wait.
The Tenth Doctor adventure, 2008 finale The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, sees the return of not only the Daleks but their creator Davros, and also features a regeneration for David Tennant’s Time Lord. And the run of episodes concludes with 2011 opener The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon in which Amy, Rory and Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor enlist the help of River Song to save a terrified little girl from a mysterious space man.

See the full air dates, times and episodes for The Doctors Revisited below

Saturday 12 October
2pm The Doctors Revisited: William Hartnell
2:30pm The Aztecs 
Sunday 13 October
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Patrick Troughton
2:30pm Tomb of the Cybermen
Saturday 19 October
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Jon Pertwee
2:30pm Spearhead from Space
Sunday 20 October
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Tom Baker
2:30pm Pyramids of Mars
Saturday 26 October
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Peter Davison
2:30pm Earthshock
Sunday 27 October
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Colin Baker
2:30pm Vengeance on Varos
Saturday 2 November
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Sylvester McCoy
2:30pm Battlefield
Sunday 3 November
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Paul McGann
2:30pm Doctor Who: The Movie
Saturday 9 November
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Christopher Eccleston
2:30pm Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
Sunday 10 November
2pm The Doctors Revisited: David Tennant
2:30pm The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
Saturday 16 November
2pm The Doctors Revisited: Matt Smith
2:30pm The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Watch is available on Sky channel 109 (Watch HD 124, Watch+1 155) and Virgin Channel 191 (Watch+1 125)

Source: Radio Times

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