Friday, 13 September 2013

Peter Davison involved in the 50th Anniversary

Peter Davison appeared on ITV's morning breakfast show Daybreak earlier in the week., who portrayed the fifth incarnation of the Doctor, refused to say whether he would star in 'The Day of the Doctor', the 75-minute-long special starring Matt Smith and David Tennant, which will air on Saturday, 23rd November.
"I've heard lots of rumours, none of which I am allowed to tell you. I am privy to them actually"
The Law & Order UK star  went on to say; 
"I have got a copy of the script which has my name embossed over it. So it's top secret, there's other stuff ; lots of other things going on that people should keep their eye open for around the fiftieth anniversary"
He has a script for 'Day Of The Doctor', does this mean that we will see the Fifth Doctor as canon for the first time since the 2007 Children In Need minisode 'Time Crash' penned by Steven Moffat? It sure would be fantastic if Peter Davison makes a cameo. I for one will geek-squee! (HAHA). We will find out for sure on Saturday 23rd November 2013.
Peter Davison has also been interviewed by Bang Showbiz:
"I'm making an appearance somewhere over that period of time but I can't reveal in what. I can't reveal anything specific about it. I'm not allowed to. It is a big year for the show and we're all doing our bit for it. Trust me."

Watch Peter Davison's in Time Crash alongside then Doctor David Tennant

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