Wednesday, 19 November 2008

MFX Warehouse - Doctor Who Replicas Their range of ‘authentics’ are reproductions of props we created for the show and are all hand crafted in the Millennium FX workshops. They are built to order using as many of the original moulds, patterns and materials as possible and are individually numbered.

Cyber Controller Head


Cold cast metal with fibreglass re-enforcement to both main halves


Adapted from the standard Cyberman to show its exposed brain under a clear vac-formed canopy and features 10 LEDs to illuminate the eyes, brain and mouth. These are powered by standard AA sized batteries (not included).

Cybercontroler unlit Cybercontroler lit


Limited; 250 Worldwide

The components of this piece have the weight and feel of metal, but are created using a process called ‘cold cast metal’.

The cold cast metal reacts a little differently every time it is produced and therefore all the original Cyberman heads were subtly unique in appearance, which is also true of the replicas. The material also ages and tarnishes like real metal.

The degree of shine on each head is entirely dependant upon the amount of polishing it has received at any given time. For screen use they were brought to a slightly dull shine, however if you require more brightness on your product, please follow the instructions provided and polish to your desired finish.


This is a display replica and is not designed to be worn.


This product comes with a display stand designed specially for it featuring the Cybus Corporation logo.


Height/Width/Depth: 330 x 285 x 285 (Height including stand: 380mm)
All measurements are approximate

Delivery Information

UK Europe
£15.27 £42.12

All prices subject to VAT.


£575.00 + VAT


Friday 12th DECEMBER 2008!
For guaranteed delivery before Christmas

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