Sunday, 23 November 2008

Poll Result

Thank you to everyone who cast their vote on my poll. 70 people voted and the results are as follows:

How do feel about a coloured Doctor? Does it truly matter?

I don't see why the Doctor can not be coloured 44 (62%)

The Doctor should remain white as he has done
so for his last 10 regenerations 26 (37%)

I am pleased with the result and goes ot show just how far attitudes have come in recent years. According to, Paterson Joseph is the new Doctor, the announcement to be made official in due course. Already best known to Doctor Who fans as Rodrick - Rose's fellow contestant in The Weakest Link - in Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, Paterson Joseph's casting as the Eleventh Doctor signifies a major sea change in the casting of the lead actor in Doctor Who.

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