Sunday, 9 November 2008

Tennant's regeration to be different Doctor's regeneration to be "slightly different but similar", according to RTD
Russell T Davies has revealed that the Tenth Doctor's regeneration will be "slighty different but similiar" to the ones we've seen in the new series so far.

Speaking at the National Film Theatre on Friday, the show's executive producer confirmed that he has already written the Tenth Doctor's regeneration scene, including his final words, but only he, Ben Cook and Julie Gardner have read it.

He also said that had David not won at the NTAs, his exit would've been announced in a press release or on BBC Breakfast the next day. Tennant's decision to leave the role was made in 2006, during the filming of The Runaway Bride.

Finally, RTD announced that he will play no part whatsoever in the casting of the Eleventh Doctor, but made it clear that anything we read in the press is complete fiction, as the BBC won't be close to casting anybody for months.


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