Friday, 5 July 2013

John Hurt's role in the 50th anniversary confirmed?

When the last series of Doctor Who ended in May, John Hurt was credited as The Doctor. From pictures we have seen since he was pictured wearing Christopher Eccleston's leather jacket, fans have speculated that he is to play the the Doctor who is in between his eighth and ninth regenerations; and this may well be true.


Whilst the Prince Charles and Camilla (see link at bottom in relation to this article because i will not write about these parasites), were on the set of Doctor Who; costume designer Howard Burden showed them a collection of costumes including that of John Hurt's character will be a 'darker Doctor' whom we have not seen.

“There was a gap between Paul McGann playing the Doctor and Christopher Eccleston, when we didn’t see a regeneration, and John Hurt will fit into that gap. He is a past Doctor, not a future Doctor.” 

(The Telegraph)

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