Thursday, 11 July 2013

Steven Moffatt on Doctor Who Future

Steven Moffat has no plans to leave Doctor Who just yet.

The showrunner confirmed his intention to stay with the BBC sci-fi drama through its eighth series - the first with the show's 12th Doctor - in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"I've signed up for this next year, with the new Doctor," Moffat said. "It's one of those jobs when you know when you've had enough. At the moment, I haven't had enough and I'm thoroughly enjoying it."

 The writer/producer added that he is "very excited" for the "challenge of... establishing the new Doctor"

When asked about the upcoming 50th anniversary episode, Moffat hinted "you could call it movie length".The celebratory episode's running time is yet to be confirmed, but will be "well over an hour".

 On the next person to play the Doctor, " There's a very big range of people who could play it and different ways you could go with it. We must get this right. One false move and the show's over."

 Moffat also confirmed that the new Doctor will debut in the sci-fi drama's 2013 Christmas special, with the 12th actor to play the Time Lord being unveiled to the public "pretty fast" after casting is finalised. 

"I mean, you sometimes sit and think, 'Are there better ways of doing it? Is there a different way of doing it?' But quite honestly what could be better than that? It's just too exciting."

The new Doctor's first full series will then follow in "late summer 2014".

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