Saturday, 17 January 2009

Catherine Tate on the Sunday Night Project

This week's Sunday Night Project (Channel 4, Sunday 18th January at 10pm) features Doctor Who star Catherine Tate as special guest.

It's no surprise to see that her time on Doctor Who comes in for the treatment from overrated stars Justin Lee Collins and laughter vacuum Alan Carr.

Catherine gives Doctor Who the spoof treatment, dressing up as David Tennant (seen here pictureed in The Sun) while Justin Lee Collins dons a bridal gown to play Donna and Alan Carr gets into a girls school uniform to do an "Am I Bovvered?" turn as Tate's popular schoolgirl character Lauren.

This isn't of course the first time a Doctor Who star has appeared on Collins and Carr's show. David Tennant appeared on both their earlier Friday Night Project (as did Billie Piper) and the Sunday Night Project.

If you like your comedy full of vaguely amusing moments and don't mind giving up an entire hour of you life on the off chance two talentless monkeys might make you chuckle, why not tune in?

(Christian Cawley

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