Wednesday, 14 January 2009

John Scott Martin

John Scott Martin in Ali G Indahouse
John Scott Martin
(1 April 1926 – 6 January 2009)

Born in Toxteth, Liverpool, he made many film and television appearances, but one of his most famous, though unseen, roles was as a DALEK operator in the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.


Power of the Daleks

Martin operated Daleks from 1965's The Chase through to 1988's Remembrance of the Daleks making him the longest-running Dalek operator. Typically, Martin would operate the first Dalek when a group of three entered a scene, due largely to his long tenure on the programme. He also operated other Doctor Who monster costumes including the insectoid Zarbi in The Web Planet, and the robotic Mechonoids in The Chase, a Robot in Colony in Space, a Mutt in The Mutants, Hughes in The Green Death and Kriz in The Brain of Morbius. . Martin also had a cameo in the children's BBC series The Tripods.

Some of his other television appearances included I, Claudius, Z Cars, Quatertermass and the Pit, Softly.Softly and the comedy Mine All Mine, written by Russell T Davies. His film credits included a dancing instructor in a brief scene in ALan Parker's film of Pink Floyd's The Wall, and a small role in Ali G In DaHouse. Martin also appeared in the music video for the Catatonia single "Dead from the Waist Down".

Martin suffered from Parkinson's Disease in later life. He died on 6 January 2009.


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