Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tentative Torchwood broadcast date

Michael Jensen of has revealed tentative plans for the broadcast of the five-part Torchwood miniseries, Torchwood: Children of Earth. Please bear in mind that these comments represent early plans, which may change.

If the report is accurate, it may disappoint some British Torchwood fans, who had been hoping that the miniseries would air in the spring. But the report has good news for American Torchwood fans, who may not have to wait as long as usual to see the latest episodes:

BBC America president Garth Ancier is here in Los Angeles for the Television Critics Association January tour and after he presented panels for BBC America's latest offerings, I had the chance to ask him if he had an air date for Torchwood: Children of Earth on BBCA. He didn't yet have a firm air date as BBC America is waiting for the BBC to finalize their date, but he was fairly certain that it was going to be the first part of this summer, possibly late June or early July.

He also said that not only would BBC America air the five episodes on consecutive nights as they are doing across the pond, but that they would also air in the U.S. the same day as they did in the U.K. meaning American audiences will have almost no lag time in seeing the series. (The U.K. is five hours ahead of the east coast of the U.S meaning the delay should be about that give or take). Ancier said the series might also air in High Definition, a first for BBCA.


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