Friday, 9 January 2009

The Return of Susan

Christian Cawley (

Now this is what I call a comeback - Carole Ann Ford is returning to the world of Doctor Who in a brand new story opposite Paul McGann, in An Earthly Child.

It seems that that the couple of Companion Tales that Ms Ford took part in have whetted her appetite for something new, and who better than the Eighth Doctor to find himself on 22nd century Earth and face to face with this granddaughter... and great grandson?!

The cast also stars Leslie Ash (Men Behaving Badly) as Marion Fleming and Ian Hallard as Duncan, not to mention Jake McGann as the Doctor's great grandson Alex. Jake McGann is of course the real-life son of Eighth Doctor Paul McGann.

From the Big Finish website:

Paul McGann was just thrilled to be working on this episode ­ he absolutely embraced the exploration of Doctor Who's own mythology, and Jake was just perfect in the role of Alex. It was also lovely to work with Carole again ­ the scenes between the Doctor and Susan will, I have no doubt, bring a tear or two to the eyes of listeners.

An Earthly Child will be released by Big Finish to subscribers of their Doctor Who range as a free gift in December 2009, and as ever there are more details at the Big Finish website

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