Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Eighth Doctor - Season 3

Big Finish Productions are to release the third series of the Eighth Doctor adventures as a series of downloads every Saturday from 7th March 2009.

The full-cast audio Adventures feature Paul McGann as the Doctor travelling with his companion Lucie, played by Sheridan Smith. Each 30-minute episode will be available on Saturday night, with the complete two-part story subsequently available on CD. There will be eight stories produced over a 16-week period. There will be a bonus ninth adventure which will be released as a Christmas special in December 2009, entitled Death in Blackpool.

The season will see the Doctor and Lucie facing some new foes and a number of favourite and iconic Doctor Who monsters, including the Krynoids (killer plants from the 1976 TV story The Seeds of Doom), the Wirrn (deadly insects from the 1975 tale The Ark in Space) and the Giant Spiders of Metebelis III (from the 1974 Jon Pertwee story Planet of the Spiders).

3.1 Orbis (March 2009)
3.2 Hothouse (April 2009)
3.3 The Beast of Orlok (May 2009)
3.4 Wirrn Dawn (June 2009)
3.5 The Scapegoat (July 2009)
3.6 The Cannibalists (August 2009)
3.7 The Eight Truths (September 2009)
3.8 Worldwide Wed (October 2009)

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