Friday, 9 January 2009

Season 30 Repeats 9th - 16th January

The Doctor is reunited with runaway bride Donna Noble.Series Four
Together they embark on a journey that will end in a battle with the Daleks to prevent the destruction of reality itself.

BBC Three are repeating the last series of Doctor Who from tonight starting at 9pm followed by Confidential Cutdown.

9th January 2009 - 9pm
Partners In Crime / A Noble Return

12th January 3009 - 7pm
Fires Of Pompeii / The Italian Job

13th January 2009 - 7pm
Planet Of The OOD / OODS And Ends

14th January 2009 - 7pm
The Sontaran Stratagem / Send In The Clones

15th January 2009 - 7pm
The Poison Sky / Sontar -Ha

16th January 2009 - 7pm
The Doctor's Daughter / Sins Of The Father

18th January 2009 - 7pm
The Unicorn And The Wasp / Nemesis

19th January 2009 - 7pm
Silence In The Library / Shadow Play

20th January 2009 - 7pm
Forrest Of The Dead / River Runs Deep

21st January 2009 - 7pm
Midnight / Look Who's Talking

22nd January 2009 - 7pm
Turn left / Here Comes The Girls

23rd January 2009 - 7pm
The Stolen Earth / Friends & Foes

21st January 2009 - 7pm
Journey's End / End of An Era

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