Friday, 27 June 2008

Brain Of Morbius Released on DVD

2|entertain have confirmed the release of The Brain Of Morbius on DVD which will be released on the 21st July 2008. It was first screened on the BBC 3-24 January 1976, this thrilling adventure featured the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).

Disc Info

The Story
The Doctor and Sarah arrive on the desolate planet Karn, apparently diverted by the Time Lords. The only inhabitants would seem to be the Sisterhood, Doctor Mehendri Solon and his servant, Condo. But could there be someone-something-else hiding on Karn...?

Extra Features
  • Commentary featuring stars Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Philip Madoc (Solon) with producer Philip Hitchcliffe and director Christopher Barry.
  • Getting a head - the making of The Brain of Morbius
  • Contemporary trailers
  • Continuity announcements
  • CGI visual 'tour' of the studio sets
  • Isolated musical score
  • Subtle production notes
  • Photo & design sketch gallery
  • PDF Radio Times billings
  • Easter eggs
  • Coming soon trailer

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