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S4: Avoid the Spoilers!

17th June 2008

S4: Avoid the Spoilers!

News Dated: 17/6/2008

Double your enjoyment of Doctor Who by avoiding spoilers.

It's not very often that we write a personal news item here at DWO towers, but as the end of Series Four approaches us fast, you will no doubt be tempted with all sorts of glittering spoilers. I would like to recommend that you try your best to steer clear of them as this years finale will genuinly reward you if you do.

Speaking from experience, I used to love finding out what was going to happen...that was until Episode 11 of Series Three, where The Master was revealed to us all. It was then that I realised how much bigger and better the reveal would have been if I hadn't given in to curiosity.

Having been editor of DWO for over 12 years now, it can be hard to escape future plot-lines and related spoilers, but you may have noticed throughout 2007/2008, that we deliberately chose to provide a spoiler-free news page. This is a decision we are standing by from now on, so that both DWO readers, and staff can benefit.

We hope that you understand and appreciate our decision as we all look forward to the Series Four finale.

[Source: Sebastian J. Brook]

S4: Avoid the Spoilers!

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