Saturday, 21 June 2008

Season 30 - Episode 12: 'The Stolen Earth'

"Rose is coming back!
No matter whats happening..."

"Isn't that good?"

There is something wrong with the TARDIS .....

Gwen Cooper & Ianto Jones of Torchwood battle the Daleks in the Hub.
Who is this woman and what is her connection to the Judoon?
A Dalek space-craft hovers over London Gwen - scared
Luke and Sarah Jane Smith
The door to the Torchwood Hub opens..
"Ladies and Gentleman. We are at war!"
Hundreds of Dalek ship advance towards the helpless Earth.
The Doctor.
Electric sparks fly in the Hub.
Jack holds Gwen and Ianto in his arms, terrified.
Luke Smith.
The Judoon squad. Who's side are they on?
The Red Supreme Dalek.
Sarah Jane takes her hands off her car steering wheel as she is confronted by Daleks.
The hand of Darkness
Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones.
Wilf and Sylvia watch the skies.
Sarah Jane Smith.
Why do the Doctor and Donna look shocked? Harriet Jones is returns.....

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