Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Moussakea mama: Pregnant Billie Piper develops a craving for Greek food

Billie Piper is suffering cravings for Greek food during her first pregnancy. Billie, 25, recently reprised her role as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who during last weeks episode - Turn Left, has enlisted actor husband Laurance Fox's culinary skills to help satisfy her hunger pangs.

‘Billie is always hungry, so Laurence is cooking non-stop,’ a source tells me. ‘He’s doing moussakas, Greek salads and meze.’

The couple are 'over the moon' about their baby, due at New Year, around the time of their first wedding anniversary.

Billie Piper

Pregnancy cravings: Billie Piper suffers hunger pangs for Greek food

‘Laurence is working 24/7 to make Billie feel cared for. He wakes up during the night to check if she is OK,’ says a friend.

It’s a good job ITV has enlisted a body double for Billie’s flesh-baring scenes in the next series of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

We reckon Billie Piper will soon be reaching for the blue paint to decorate her nursery room.

We hear the Belle De Jour star has been giggling over boys' names for the baby she's expecting with husband Laurence Fox.

A source says: "Billie thinks she is having a boy. She was saying to the crew she needs a list of boys' names and was laughing about 'Timmy'.

"And her cravings are getting out of control. She's scoffing chocolate croissants, bars of chocolate and hot chocolate."

The baby's sure gonna be sweet!

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