Thursday, 19 June 2008

Series 4 End Party in London

A special end-of-series party is planned to be held in London on the 5th July. The free event will be taking place at a gastropub in Clerkenwell.

Says organiser Jason Gorman: "We are planning to screen the series finale, Journey's End, when it is broadcast at 7pm (as currently scheduled!) - we believe it will also be screened just down the road in Trafalgar Square (for Pride London), and we expect many guests to come after that, so the party will just be getting started by 8pm.

"There'll be live music - with a Parisian theme - later in the evening, and we're working on some special video screenings later in the evening that we hope will amuse and divert. The party will probably go on well past midnight.

"Doors open from 5pm and tickets are free; as there are only 50 left we are limiting to two per person, and those coming need need to be 18 or over."

To confirm you want tickets, please contact Jason at the email address, stating your full name, address (to send tickets to), and contact number (in case the organisers need to contect you urgently).

(Courtesy of Outpost Gallifrey)

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