Friday, 27 June 2008

Torchwood Figures


Getretro in conjunction with their retail division scificollector are delighted to announce their recent appointment as the BBC Worldwide licensees for a series of Torchwood five inch articulated action figures.

These will be launched late Spring/early Summer 2008, and will feature an initial wave of four pose-able figures from the hit series that starts its second series on BBC Two in the New Year. A further wave with more characters will follow later in the year.

Proprietor Steven Scott who made his commitment on the strength of the first series and the widespread collector interest said that he was thrilled to be involved with such an exciting project:

We backed Doctor Who from day one, and were the very first company to have licensed Doctor Who merchandise in the marketplace with product launches on the day the show went to air. We have the same confidence in the future of Torchwood. Its gritty style presents an exciting challenge which we relish the prospect of interpreting.

We felt that this was a fantastic opportunity which we began pursuing long before the announcement that the show was to be broadcast in a specially edited pre-watershed version. Were confident that our designers will produce a vibrant range that will captivate both marketplaces. The collectable figures will be supplied on a fully detachable plinth to accommodate both traditional collector interest, and the imagination of those fans who wish to bring their models to life in pose-able action fashion

We intend to unveil the first sculpts at the January Toyfair, and the Birmingham Spring Fair, and look forward to bringing product to market as early as possible in 2008.

Torchwood Action Figures are made under Licence by SciFiCollector.

The first wave of Torchwood action figures features Captain Jack, Gwen Cooper, Cyberwoman and Weevil.

The 5" Torchwood figures have full articulation and come with a detachable plinth base.

A second wave of Torchwood figures is expected later this year. The first wave of Torchwood action figures is available for preorder now.

Torchwood team will come on hexagonal plinths with the Torchwood logo, whilst the creatures come on a base resembling the Torchwood base.

Figures are due out in the UK from August 14th, and the RRP is £8.99

Captain Jack
Torchwood leader and protagonist Captain Jack Harkness played by John Barrowman. The Torchwood Captain Jack figure features a removable plinth stand and revolver.

Gwen Cooper
Former South Wales police officer Gwen Cooper, on screen played by Eve Myles. The Gwen figure comes with a black hand gun. All Torchwood figures are made to a 5" scale and have removable stands


From Cyberwoman (2006), Lisa retained her human brain when the Cybermen grafted on cyber-components to her body.


As seen first in Everything Changes (2006) the Weevils are an alien race inhabiting the sewers of Cardiff beneath Torchwood. Though impossible to communicate with, and believed to possess limited intelligence, it is known that they sometimes attack humans

The first pictures of the Torchwood, Blowfish figures have been released. Thanks to Doctor Who Online for these pictures below:

As seen in Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang, episode one of Series 2 (2008) is an alien with a taste for the fast life who meets a quick end when he runs into Captain Jack

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