Jam packed full of images and cover art from the latest miniseries Doctor Who: The Forgotten, by Tony Lee and Pia Guerra, the article speaks at length to Lee, and reveals a few details about the new adventure.

The Forgotten Issue 2For instance, unlike the original run, this new miniseries features not only the Tenth Doctor and Martha, but also...

I think we can give more 'forgotten tales' in these short flashbacks. We have the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan meeting Egyptians; we have the Second, Jamie and Zoe meeting space lizards; the Third, Jo and The Brigadier (and pretty much most of the UNIT regulars) defeating aliens on Dartmoor; the Fourth and Romana (two) in millennium Paris; the Fifth, Tegan and Turlough facing a more recent addition in a Village cricket match; the Sixth and Peri in a courtroom; the Seventh and Ace in an alien war torn city; the Eighth alone in a Count of Monte Cristo setting; and the Ninth and Rose in the trenches of World War I. And every single one of them has been an utter joy to write

Artist Pia Guerra has done a superb job, interpreting the individual Doctors to suitable effect, and got the gig thanks to Tony Lee suggesting she contact IDW with exactly that in mind.

If you're going to follow any link on Kasterborous this weekend, follow this one. If the gorgeous artwork on the right doesn't swing it for you, I don't know what will.

June 27, 2008

Christian Cawley (Kasterborous)