Thursday, 26 June 2008

Department Six - New Doctor Who Artwork

Second Release
by D6 Team, 26 June, 2008

New Doctor Who Art Work Released

Building on the success and popularity of the last release of Doctor Who artwork, Department Six are proud to announce their second release of thirteen exciting new limited edition Giclee prints of the original artwork created for the BBC's flagship drama series.

The images are available to purchase online as of 27 June 2008 and include detailed visual representations of the Doctor's written word Gallifreyan Notation, the preferred weapon of John Barrowman's character Captain Jack's Blaster, The TARDIS Paradox Machine, the spherical Toclafane (Master), the Master's Laser Screwdriver used by the Doctor's oldest adversary, the early sketches of the Daleks, Emperor Dalek, Sonic Screwdriver & Slitheen and the exploratory path to the finished Sonic Screwdriver by the well accomplished concept artist Dan Walker, a full colour redesign of the Daleks who returned in the first series by Matthew Savage, The Exterior Titanic by Peter Mckinstry as seen in the 2007 Christmas Special which starred Kylie Minogue in 'Voyage of the Damned' and the London Bridge concept which was used to illustrate how a busy Warwick high street was transformed into the river Thames in Shakespearean London by Ian Bunting.

Department Six recently launched a touring exhibition in Swansea, the hometown of head writer & executive producer - Russell T Davies and will be exhibiting in Cardiff later on in the year. "The artwork realises the incredible talent and vision of the design team and is integral to the process in the making of Doctor Who” said the curator for Department Six, "Art is for everyone and although the subject matter has universal appeal, the exhibitions have proved that for many it has been possible to enjoy without knowing the history of the artwork illustrated".

Limited to 500 and 800 editions worldwide and signed by the Production Designer and concept artist, each print is highly collectible and is beautifully presented with a certificate of authenticity in its own bespoke box.

Department Six is an official licensee of BBC Worldwide. Prints and vouchers can be purchased online and prices start at £120. Visit for more details.

Doctor Who Exhibition at Earls Court
by D6 Team, 17 March, 2008

Department Six Ltd is delighted to announce the release of a further set of Limited Edition Prints. These again feature works created for Doctor Who. Included in the release are such iconic images as The Sonic Screwdriver, the new look Cyberman, plus preliminary sketches for the Tardis interior, and the Dalek Emperor.

These images will be published on Tuesday 18th March to coincide with the opening of the brand new Doctor Who Exhibition at Earls Court, which for the first time features a gallery of selected images available from . For more details of the Earls Court exhibition go to

Further images will be released to coincide with the eagerly awaited New Series of Doctor Who.

We shall also be upgrading our Website with a news page, which will include multimedia content, and the latest on the new images from the series.

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