Tuesday, 24 June 2008

This weeks TV listings

RADIO TIMES - 24th June Contents

Although DOCTOR WHO only gets a mention on the cover, the RADIO TIMES has donated a three page EXCLUSIVE to Saturday's episode, THE STOLEN EARTH. First up, the DALEK two page spread followed by the article. There are SPOILERS so if you are keeping FREE of info then best not read..

RADIO TIMES - DW Feature Page 1RADIO TIMES - DW Feature Page 2

Here's the third page of the feature along with Saturday's Choices.

RADIO TIMES - DW Feature Page 3RADIO TIMES - Saturday's Choices

Finally, here's the Moment Of The Week along with the cast list for the episode and the banner for next week's magazine which looks like it'll be another DOCTOR WHO cover.

RADIO TIMES - Moment of the WeekRADIO TIMES - The Stolen Earth Cast

TV Easy - CoverTV Easy - Inside

Here's the effort from WHAT'S ON TV and they also use the headline THE DALEKS ARE BACK!

What's On Tv - Cover
What's On Tv - Inside

And finally, this is the related material from TV AND SATELLITE WEEK and guess what headline they also use?
TV & Satellite Week - CoverTV & Satellite Week - Inside

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