Thursday, 26 June 2008

Noel Clarke Does Hollywood

Noel Clarke's film AdULTHOOD, starring Clarke himself, Adjoa Andoh, Camille Coduri, Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Daleks), and the Girl In The Fireplace's Ben Turner premiered on 17th June2008 in London.

Noel was among the breakthrough British actors, writers, producers and directors chosen in May by the UK Film Council yo meet with powerful American film industry studio executives in Los Angeles. Noel has been casted as AJ in forthcoming supernatural thriller Heartless written and directed by Philip Ridley.

(DWM issue #397)


After Kidulthood comes AdULTHOOD....

Powerful, disturbing and moving in equal measure, 2006's acclaimed Kidulthood took us inot London's unseen underbelly, delivering a raw, hard hitting reflection of what life is like for 21st century teenagers, where sex is currency, drugs are easy to come by and violence is a way of life.

Six years on Sam Peel is released from jail for killing Trife and he soon realises that life on the outside is no easier than it is on the inside and he is forced to confront the people he hurt the most. Some have moved on and others are stuck with the repercussions of his actions that night, but one thing's for certain - everyone has been forced to grow up.

During his 24 hour journey through West London, Sam struggles to deal with his sorrow and guilt and something else he didnt expect - those seeking revenge. As he is pursued by a new generation of bad boys, Sam tries to get the message across to his pursuers that the viloence must stop, much like Trife tried to tell him all those years ago.

As Sam battles to end the violence he started, he new journey is one of discovery, both aboutb the world he came from and the one he is trying to create. Can Sam make something positive from the destruction he caused or will his journey inot AdULTHOOD end here?

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