Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Stolen Earth Figures

Images for the upcoming Stolen Earth Gift set have been revealed by Character Options. The gift set contains four figures in total; Supreme Dalek, Crucible Vault Dalek, Tenth Doctor and Davros. The Stolen Earth gift set is speculated for release this Autumn to follow on from the previous Series four figures.

(Below -courtesy of The Doctor Who Site)

New radio controlled deadly Daleks to invade a store near you!

An impressive 9.4 million people tuned in to the nail-biting Doctor Who series four finale, which had viewers glued to their screens to watch the Doctor defeat the Daleks and their creator Davros.

Now avid addicts of the show can add the Doctor’s deadliest foes to their collection in the form of a 5-inch and 12-inch radio controlled Davros and Supreme Dalek.

Developed by Character Options in partnership with BBC Worldwide, the detailed Daleks are due to launch in the autumn and are set to be at the top of every fan’s Christmas list.

The Doctor’s ultimate enemy in the last episode of the series, the 12-inch radio controlled Davros has full movement control and utters phrases such as the chilling “Welcome to my new empire, Doctor".

The 12-inch radio controlled Supreme Dalek, is a must for all Doctor Who collections. It has automated head and eye movement, a poseable gun arm, as well as intoning those well-known Dalek phrases.

Still as scarily realistic, the 5-inch radio control Supreme Dalek and 5-inch radio controlled Davros are ideal for recreating those final scenes.

Also being launched is an incredible Stolen Earth Gift Set, which features 5-inch action figures from the series four finale, including Davros, a Supreme Dalek, a Crucible Dalek and the Doctor.

For fans who can’t wait until autumn, the highly anticipated action figures from series four are making their way into shops now.

The 5-inch figures comprise the Tenth Doctor with five Adipose, the Doctor’s latest companion Donna Noble, a Pyrovile Priestess, Sigma Ood, Natural Ood, Sontaran Commander Skorr and Sontaran Trooper.

Doctor Who fans will be wowed by the phenomenal detail that these realistic figures capture and can recreate exciting scenes from the TV series, including Donna’s first encounter with the Adipose in episode one ‘Partners in Crime’ and her rescue from the temple of the Pyrovile Priestess in ‘The Fires of Pompeii’.

There’s also a host of series one, two and three figures in the shops now - each with a detailed new accessory. Fans will find figures such as Rose Tyler with an ice extinguisher, Slitheen with a skin suit and Captain Jack Harkness with a revolver, and many more.

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