Monday, 28 July 2008

No Daleks in 2010

New Head Writer Steven Moffat has confirmed that he does not intend to bring the Daleks in the Fifth Series that will begin in 2010 after Russell T Davies steps down from the last Christmas special. Since the revival of Doctor Who in 2005 by Russell T Davies the Daleks have appeared in every series which in total is nine episodes, three with Christopher Eccleston and six with David Tennant, which has been criticized by many fans who claim the Daleks have been overused.
  • Steven Moffat said: “Fans always look back, but shows have to look forward.
  • “There’s a brand new audience of kids for Doctor Who each year and they have to think it’s their programme, not some relic that belongs to their parents.”
  • He said: “I’m as obsessed with the show’s past as many in the audience, but I have to resist my impulse and keep everything fresh.”

It is unknown if any Classic Doctor Who monster will return to battle the Doctor during the Steven Moffat Era of Doctor Who. Steven Moffat made no comment on any plans of returning Companions or Villains from the New Series of Doctor Who. Steven Moffat previously stated that to write for Doctor Who is his Childhood dream.

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