Friday, 4 July 2008

Multi-Universal Hereos - Look Who's Back>>>>

Mickey Smith

Rose Tyler's former boyfriend is battle-hardened from his time fighting the Cybermen on a parallel Earth. Fully equipped to deal with the Daleks, Mickey is no longer just 'The Tin Dog'.

Jackie Tyler

Rose Tyler's vivacious mother. Jackie found happiness with an alternate version of her late husband Pete on a parallel Earth- but now she's back in our dimension to battle the Daleks

Mickey and Jackie cross over universes to help battle .... DAVROS


The evil scientist who created the Daleks in order to ensure the survival of his race and, ultimately, their mastery over all of creation.

and his EVIL creations, the DALEKS

The Daleks

Genetic mutations housed in armoured travel machines, the Daleks are the distillation of all that is evil in the Universe.

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