Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Region 1 release of SJA

TVShowsOnDVD have announced that an SJA Region 1 boxset of the complete first season is due for release on American shores on 7th October 2008!

That's a whole MONTH earlier than the 10th November 2008 UK release date! The set will feature all ten episodes of the first series, as well as the 'Invasion of the Bane' pilot! TVShowsOnDVD also mention that:

"In addition to the above, this 4-disc set will contain extras that include Interviews and a Photo Gallery. Video is anamorphic widescreen, and audio is listed right now simply as "English - Stereo" (we bet that will turn out to be 5.1). English subtitles are included. Running time is 360 minutes, and the cost is $49.98 SRP"

Rejoice, SJA fans! Especially if you're American! I'll be preordering my Region 1 set the moment it shows up on Amazon!


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