Wednesday, 16 July 2008

John Barrowman -Making Of Me


John Barrowman has claimed that parents of gay children should watch his new BBC TV show.

The Doctor Who and Torchwood actor undergoes scientific tests in The Making Of Me to discover if he was homosexual from birth or affected by his environment."When I first started in my career, I thought I'm here to entertain people, nothing more," Barrowman explained. "But as I've got older, my career has gone in a different direction - particularly with Torchwood."Now I get a lot of letters from young people who are either in the position of being shunned by their families or are fearful of coming out.

I thought I could help those people and help everyone understand . . . well, it's a question. Is it nature or is it nurture? If you're a parent with a gay child, watch it."Barrowman recently revealed that he would like to have children with his partner Scott Gill.

John Barrowman: The Making Of Me airs on July 24 on BBC One.

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