Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Latest Big Finish News

The Eighth Doctor Collection

New from Big Finish comes the ultimate collection for fans of Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor!

The Eighth Doctor CollectionThis 9 disc set features over 540 minutes of audio Doctor Who adventures and behind the scenes interviews with Paul McGann, Nicholas Briggs and Gary Russell and features a special re-issue of four classic Doctor Who adventures featuring the Eighth Doctor and his companion Charley, as played by India Fisher.

Storm Warning by Alan Barnes
The Eighth Doctor finds himself aboard the ill-fated R101 airship and meets Edwardian adventuress, Charley Pollard.

Sword of Orion by Nicholas Briggs
The Eighth Doctor and Charley get caught in the cross-fire of the Orion war. Things only get worse when the Cybermen are revived from hibernation.

The Stones of Venice by Paul Magrs
The Eighth Doctor and Charley arrive in Venice in the far future and become entangled in a web of love, lies, death and an ancient curse.

Invaders from Mars by Mark Gatiss
Manhattan 1938. The Doctor and Charley discover that Orson Welles's broadcast of War of the Worlds might not have been fiction after all.

Also appearing are Mark Gatiss (The Lazarus Experiment), Jessica Hynes (Human Nature), Simon Pegg (The Long Game) and Gareth Thomas (Blake's 7)
The Eighth Doctor Collection

Also included is a 12 page, full colour booklet with an introduction by India Fisher and behind-the-scenes information on each play. Includes Bonus Documentary which takes a look at the making of the four adventures. Actors, writers, producers and directors – including Paul McGann, Gary Russell and Nicholas Briggs – reveal behind-the-scenes secrets, discuss production problems and recount all the fun and frolics encountered during these explosive four stories!

Released on August 30th, with a retail price of £39.99. Orders can be made via email - - telephone (01628 824 102) or via their website,

Orders that are placed before August 1st on the Big Finish Website will receive £15.00 off the RRP and get the set at £24.99!

Doctor Who: The Stage Plays

Big Finish will open the curtains on Doctor Who’s theatrical past with audio adaptations of the three Doctor Who stage plays. Curse of the Daleks, a Doctor-less adventure was written by David Whitaker and Dalek creator, Terry Nation and was originally performed in London in 1965. The two subsequent stage plays were written by former Doctor Who script-editor, Terrance Dicks. 1974’s The Seven Keys to Doomsday starred Trevor Martin as a new incarnation of the Doctor and The Ultimate Adventure in 1989 initially starred Jon Pertwee and later Colin Baker. The Daleks were the Doctor’s opponents in both adventures.

These won’t be massive rewrites,’ explains executive producer Nick Briggs, ‘because we want to stay as faithful as possible to the originals and present, for the first time, a lasting, dramatised record of the Doctor’s stage adventures. Terrance has adapted his two plays, and I’ll be making minor changes to Curse, simply to make it more audio-friendly.

In keeping with this, The Ultimate Adventure will even include the songs that were featured in the theatrical version.

Each play will be released as a double CD with The Ultimate Adventure being available from September, The Seven Keys to Doomsday in October and The Curse of the Daleks in November. Colin Baker will star as the Doctor in The Ultimate Adventure with Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks in all three. Further casting details are yet to be confirmed.

Doctor Who: The Stage Plays replace Cyberman 2 in the Big Finish schedules, with the Cyber mini-series now to be released in February 2009.

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