Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sorry Rose, The Doctor Says You're Too Needy

NEW Doctor Who chief Steven Moffatt says Billie Piper will NOT return to the hit show — because her character Rose is “too needy”.

Rose was last seen heading off into the sunset with a clone of the timelord at the end of the fourth series.

TV beauty Billie, 25, is 6½ months pregnant and does not plan to act next year. But Steven — who is taking over from Russell T Davies as writer and executive producer of the show — ruled out a Rose comeback.

He admitted he admired the Doc ditching Rose, saying: “You have to hand it to the Doctor for dumping a slightly needy girlfriend by palming her off on a copy of himself.

“He tried leaving her in a parallel universe and that didn’t work!”

Steven was speaking at the Comic Con event in Los Angeles. He also revealed he turned down working with legendary director Steven Spielberg on the film version of Tintin to take on Doctor Who.

He said: “You treat Doctor Who like a sad little fanboy who’s just been given an enormous toy to play with.”

Steven denied that worried parents would force him to rein in the Doctor Who creepiness in series five of the drama. He joked: “I would say to parents — tough!”

Bosses are still trying to tempt star David Tennant, 37, to make a full return in the new series with a £1.5million offer.

(Sara Nathan - The Sun)

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