Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mickey's last trip in the Tardis

If you are a Doctor Who fan and DO NOT like spoilers do not read any further....

For those of you who don't know. On DOCTOR WHO this Saturday MICKEY SMITH aka NOEL CLARKE (yours truly) is back. And probably (and as far as I'm concerned) the very last time. So any Doctor who fans make sure you switch on an catch your boy in the Tardis for the last time. It is a great episode and fitting end to the season. I have to tell you all that I've loved every single minute of being involved in that show. Russell T Davies for me is a genius, and I respect and appreciate what he's done for Doctor Who. If you managed to sit through the end credits of Adulthood you will see that he gets an extra special thanks and mention in the end credits, as do all of you, the Doctor Who and Torchwood fans. I love you all… No that's a lie. I love most of you. The ones that have supported me and both shows. Lets hope we all move on to bigger and better things.

(Taken from the official Noel Clarke website)

So, does this mean that Noel is saying goodbye to the Whoniverse altogether? No more Mick-MIckety Mickey? If this is the case, then all speculation that Mickey Smith will be recruited by Jack is just whispers in the wind. We will find out in time........

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