At the weekend we reported on the possibility of a return to Doctor Who from Catherine Tate. Verification on the information below is very difficult - as such these should be considered strong rumours with high spoiler potential, and you read on at your risk...

These spoilers mainly concern the 2009 specials. Things start off nicely, with expectations that the first special will be televised in April 2009, running to an hour and completing a bit of Whoniverse seasonal fun as it will likely air the same week as Torchwood: Children of Earth.

This get interesting when we then learn that the second special will be broadcast on Christmas Day 2009. This again will run to an hour.

"But what of the other 2 specials?" I hear you ask!

If these rumours are true, these will each be 45 minutes long - the length of a standard two parter - and air sometime between Boxing Day and January 1st 2010. That's right - the fourth '2009 Special' may in fact be broadcast in 2010.

Rumoured to be appearing in these specials are:




• GEORGIA MOFFETT returning as the Doctor's daughter, Jenny.


Plus the obligatory Paul McGann rumour:

• PAUL MCGANN to return as the Eighth Doctor

Now... we can take all of this with a very big pinch of salt. David Tennant is performing Hamlet still, and shooting isn't set to start on any of this lot for weeks yet.

However: Catherine Tate hasn't ruled out a return to Doctor Who and commented before this year's series that Tennant wouldn't do another series. Meanwhile, why have a two-part Christmas time special before a presumed series launch in the spring of 2010 if not for a regeneration to introduce a new Doctor?

Remember - food for thought, but not by any means gospel.