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Where Are They Now? - No.1 Louise Jameson

Louise Jameson (born 20th April 1951 in Wanstead, London) is best remembered for her role as Leela, warrior of the Sevateem. First seen in Doctor Who story - "Face Of Evil" alongside fourth Doctor Tom Baker. Louise played Leela for only 9 months but it is the part she is fondly remembered for. An interview with Louise Jameson can be found at:

Leela first appears in the 1977 serial, The Face of Evil, where she was a warrior of the savage Sevateem tribe, who were the descendants of the crew of an Earth Ship that crash landed on an unnamed planet in the far future. The name of her tribe, "Sevateem", was a corruption of "survey team". Although the Doctor at this point was content to travel alone, Leela runs past the Doctor and into the TARDIS as the Doctor shouts at her to get out. As he enters the TARDIS, you can hear him yell at Leela, "DON'T TOUCH THAT BUTTON!", and the TARDIS de-materialises. They travel together until "The Invasion Of Time" . Once the invasion by the Sontarans is ended by the Doctor (President Elect of Gallifrey), Leela decides to remain on Gallifrey after falling for Commander Andred, K-9 stays to watch over his mistress.

Although Leela is a primitive, she was also highly intelligent, grasping advanced concepts easily and translating them into terms she could cope with. Despite the Doctor's attempts at "civilizing" her, however, Leela is strong-willed enough to continue in her savage ways. She usually dresses in animal skins, armed with a knife or a set of poisonous Janis thorns which she does not hesitate to use on people who threatened her, much to the Doctor's disapproval.


Louise has had a long television career in shows such as Tenko (as Blanche Simmons) EastEnders, (Rosa Di Marco) The Omega Factor (as Dr. Anne Reynolds) amongst others. She can be seen in BBC Scotland soap River City (as Viv Roberts). Louise joined the cast back in April of this year.


Viv Roberts


Louise Jameson


Viv has a thirst for life that Shirley can't quite get used to. The pair are now working together and living together, and Viv's doing her best to bring some fun into her new friend's life.


Viv Roberts is a child of the swinging sixties and she's perpetually hanging on to that vibe! She was raised in small town England, and started training to be a hairdresser at the age of 17. She's never been what her family would call 'respectable', and has two children by two different men.

She carved a career for herself in London, as hairdresser to the stars, and has enjoyed an eventful life. She's great fun, full of warmth, and is incredibly sharp. She does have a quieter side but she rarely lets it be seen.

Since moving to Glasgow, she joined Shirley as a partner in Moda Vida, and is determined to bring a lot of light into her new friend's life.

River City was first broadcast on 24th September 2002. It is produced and broadcast by BBC Scotland and set in the fictional Glasgow suburb of Shieldinch. Two episodes are shown every week, with an omnibus edition shown on Sundays. Despite its relative infancy, River City has grown to become one of Scotland's most-watched programmes, often attracting around 600,000 viewers in Scotland alone. Now well established into modern Scottish society, River City recently celebrated its fifth birthday, with special episodes to mark the occasion. Other special yearly events have episodes reflecting their occurrence, including St. Andrew's Day, Hogmanay and Christmas.

Although mostly set in and around Greater Glasgow, River City also includes characters from other parts of Scotland and further afield, such as Aberdeen, the Western Isles, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the USA.

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