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Sarah Jane Smith - Through The Years

Cult Spy: Sarah Jane Smith - Through The Years With the advent of her very own series - The Sarah Jane Adventures - Cult Spy charts the on-screen activities of the effervescent Doctor Who companion down the years, beginning with her initial debut in 1973 as an eager-eyed young journalist...


On December 15, Sarah Jane Smith was introduced in 'The Time Warrior' as an undercover journalist, helping the third Doctor to battle a Sontaran invader in the Middle Ages. Full companion status was soon bestowed on her and she joined the Tardis for many adventures.


Sarah Jane continued her travels by encountering dinosaurs in contemporary England alongside the Brigadier and UNIT, outwitting the Daleks on the planet Exxilon and chilling with the Ice Warriors on Peladon. However, the third Doctor regenerated in her presence following an encounter with some giant spiders on Metebelis 3.


Alongside an erratic new Doctor, Sarah Jane joined forces with UNIT medic Harry Sullivan in battling a gigantic metal robot on present day earth. The trio then overcame the devious Wirrn about a space station 'ark' containing the last humans, came face to potato face with another Sontaran, witnessed the creation of the Daleks by Davros and foiled the Cybermen and their attempts to destroy a gold-laden planet.

The Loch Ness monster and body snatching Zygons were beaten, but not before a duplicate Harry Sullivan almost finished Sarah Jane off with a pitchfork. Harry subsequently left the Tardis crew and Sarah and The Doctor visited the 'planet of evil' and a ravaged mining expedition. Sarah then survived an attack by some nasty Mummy robots and was narrowly saved by The Doctor from suffocation on a Martian pyramid.

A duplicate Sarah robot was exposed when androids invaded a deserted English village that turned out to have been an alien planet all along.


Sarah began the year screaming her lungs out at the hideous Morbius monster after being temporarily blinded. A trip to the Antarctica didn't relieve her stress as she had to contend with an infection spread from an alien seed pod that soon spread to England and led to some massive vegetation roaming the countryside.

Nor did a trip to 15th Century Italy provide Sarah with a chance to put her feet up, as there was a moon-craving Mandragora on the loose. Matters came to a head in her emotional last adventure with the fourth Doctor, when Sarah became possessed by a fossilised hand harbouring a massive evil. She toyed with the idea of leaving the Tardis for good, but was shocked and saddened when The Doctor dropped her off in Croydon and headed off on his own.


Sarah Jane received a gift from The Doctor in the form of his metallic mutt companion K-9. In a one-off adventure entitled K-9 & Company they managed to defeat some sinister witchcraft at work in a rural village.


Sarah Jane left K-9 behind at home, fell down an embankment and was rescued by the third Doctor in this special twentieth anniversary story entitled 'The Five Doctors'. She was soon in Gallifrey as the Time Lords battled it out, and took the chance for a quick chinwag with the Brigadier and also met some more recent companions.


In a Children In Need special, Sarah Jane encountered the non-alien but equally dastardly occupants of Albert Square, meeting the third incarnation of the Doctor again in 1973.


Back as a journalist, Sarah Jane met the tenth Doctor while both probed the malevolent goings-on in a school that was soon revealed to be overrun with Krillitanes posing as teachers. Her faithful companion K-9 was given a new paint job, but soon sacrificed himself to save the world. A new model soon came her way though.


Living alone, Sarah Jane met some youthful and nosey new neighbours who helped her to oust the alien Bane from using a soft drink to take over humanity. The Slitheen are next on the menu for Miss Smith and her new gang…

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