(Chris Davids Kasterborous)

For some reason, I stumbled upon this Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray on a gadgets site of all places. The very fact that there are no moving parts would, one would expect, preclude it from being lined up with RC Daleks. Perhaps a Betterware catalogue would be a better home.

The Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray comes with a collection of Doctor Who-themed ice molds for cold drinks pleasure. You can choose from a Dalek, the TARDIS, a Cyberman, the Doctor Who logo or K9. They all look equally ice-sculptured and cool floating away in a whiskey and coke... er I mean a nice cool glass of orange squash... right kids?

The collection of molds costs £5.99, and remember with ice cubes you don't have to just freeze water - a fruity orange-flavoured TARDIS is just hours away with this ice cube tray.