Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Series 2 has finished filming and due to hit screens in the UK in "late September".

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine previews the second series of the Sarah Jane Adventures. Executive producer Russell T Davies reveals a few plot details regarding the new 12 episode run (see below). There are 12 episodes comprising of 6 two~parters; one of which is a sequel to an earlier SJA story and and another a sequel to a DW story.

Story titles:-

The Last Sontaran by Phil Ford
Day Of the Clown by Phil Ford
Secrets Of The Stars by Gareth Roberts
The Mark Of The Berserker by Joseph Lidster
The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith by Gareth Roberts
Enemy Of The Bane by Phil Ford

"We're waving goodbye to Maria, Alan and Chrissie, as the Jacksons take their leave after the first story," Davies tells, "Though it's a busy old universe - don't be surprised if it's not the last you see of them! But life on Bannerman Road goes on - and that's where Rani comes in! The Chandra family soon arrives, with Rani's mother and father, Haresh and Gita. Can Sarah Jane have a quiet life, and stop her new neighbours becoming involved in her extraordinary adventures? Well, what do you think?!"

Davies goes on, "There's a lot of focus on Luke and Clyde - we even get to meet the rest of the Langer family, and trouble's not far behind..."

"With a longer run than last year," Davies comments, "We've got a wide and bold range of stories. One's a sequel to a SJA story from last year. One's even a sequel to one of the Doctor's adventures! But as ever, there are new monsters, new villains, and new problems for the regular cast."

RTD also confirms the return of Nicholas Courtney, appears by Bradley Walsh (playing an alien with three identities) and Russ Abbott - as well as the return of Floella Benjamin (last seen in "The Lost Boy") and Samantha Bond as the villainous Mrs. Wormwood, who - through Bubbleshock! - attempted to conquer the world in the Christmas 2006 pilot "Invasion of the Bane

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