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Where Are They Now? - No.4 Sarah Sutton

Sarah Sutton (born 12 December 1961 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England) is a British actress. She started her acting career at the tender age of 7 whilst attending the Elm Hurst Ballet School, when she was picked to play the part of Roo in a Pheonix Theatre production of Winnie the Pooh, which she played for 3 Christmases on the trot.

By the age of 11 she had starred in numerous television roles, including Menace:Boys And Girl s Come Out To Play (1973), Late Call (1974), Oil Strike North (1975). She also played the part of Alice in BBC' s Alice:Through The Looking Glass (1975). Her biggest success before landing the role of Nyssa in Doctor Who alongside Tom Baker's Doctor was 1978's children's drama The Moon Stallion, where she landed the lead role.

Sutton is best known for her role as Nyssa in the BBC science fiction television series "Doctor Who". Nyssa was a companion of Tom Baker and Peter Davison's Doctors from 1981 to 1983. Due to her outstanding acting contribution to the show, her contract was twice renewed on request of then producer John Nathan-Turner and current Doctor Peter Davison! she remained on the show for 2 years (1981 - 1983).

Her final full serial of "Doctor Who" was "Terminus" (1983, written by Stephen Gallagher and directed by Mary Ridge), in which she notoriously removed her skirt! Nyssa left her jacket on board the TARDIS when sterpped out on to Terminus. She takes off her skirt due to having a hot flash after contracting Lazars Disease. Before By the time Nyssa is recovered, she tells the Doctor that she is staying on board Terminus to aid in helping the lepers and turn Terminus from a leper colony into a true hospital.

Following her role as Nyssa, Sarah returned to the theatre touring in the play Policy For Murder (1986). Takin a short break afterwards to start a family with her GP husband, having a daughter Hannah. Since Hannah's birth, Sarah has appeared in Unnatural Pursuits and Doctor Who: Dimensions In Time. Sarah hopes to resume her acting career when her daughter is older.

More recently, Sutton has reprised her role of Nyssa alonside Peter Dasvison in Big Finish's audio productions of Doctor Who.

Sarah Sutton works as a public Library attendant in London

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