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Dr Who Illuminations 29 August - 2 November 2008

TARDIS in construction ready for the 2008 illuminations

On Saturday, 30th August, Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Also known as Jezzer, Captain Slow and Hamster, switched on the Blackpool Illuminations. What spectacular had they in store for the lights 76th anniversary switch on?

The TARDIS outside Borders in Blackpool

After the success of the 2007 switch on ceremony when Dr Who, David Tennant threw the switch on the Illuminations, Blackpool Illuminations Department decided to enhance the Dr Who section of the Lights.

The Dr Who section of the Illuminations runs from Central Pier to New Bonny Street next to Coral Island. It is parts of this section that are being updated with new Donna Noble and the Dr images. But that's not the best bit!Not only are full sized TARDIS being constructed but also 7ft high DALEKS! They are being constructed at the Illuminations Works. The TARDIS is constructed of 4 fibreglass sides, a fibreglass floor and roof, the blue light at the top, the internal steel work and the electrical lighting system.

A DALEK waiting to be painted

There will be 3 DALEKS and 3 TARDISes to be constructed and sited within the existing Dr Who feature outside the Dr Who exhibition. They are to be lighted to enable an effect to be created to show the TARDIS zooming through time and space to re-emerge further along the promenade.

Some of the NEW Doctor Who illuminations

The Stig pulled the lever to light-up the resort
The Stig pulled the lever to light-up the resort

THE Stig stunned a 20,000 switch-on crowd when he powered-up Blackpool's Illuminations last night. Top Gear's anonymous 'tame racing driver' surprised everyone when he stepped in front of presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to pull the famous lever and create a kaleidoscope of colour along the Golden Mile.

The switch also trigged waves of fireworks high above the resort and sent a sea of orange and white confetti into the Central car park crowd who have gathered for a spectacular live BBC Radio 2 concert.

The appearance of the hosts of BBC 2's cult motoring programme - who raced to the resort - stole the show. A bedraggled Jeremy Clarkson told the packed crowds: "We had a bit of a Top Gear race today. All I can tell you is that James May lost. All I want to do now is go to bed. That was a long day."

Although the race remains a closely guarded secret the presenter was spotted driving away in a Jaguar with fellow host Hammond behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Polo. May remained nowhere to be seen while it was rumoured the Stig had got a National Express coach to the resort.

It is believed that the race was from Basle in Switzerland and will be the subject of an hour-long Top Gear to be screened at a later date.

Reunited Irish band Boyzone topped the sparkling line up in the specially-built arena, which was hosted by Janice Long and included top performances from Scouting for Girls, David Jordan and Scottish songstress Sandi Thom.

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