Wednesday, 13 August 2008

SJA Board Game Cancelled


A few months ago, The Forbidden Planet whet our appetites by listing a Sarah Jane Adventures Board Game. This was due to be released on July 30th and cost around about £17.99. The aim of the game was to "repel an alien invasion as you attempt to be the first player to collect four extraterrestrial artefacts." It even came with a battery-powered Mr Smith decoder!

The Forbidden Planet have taken down the listing, so over at got in touch with Toy Brokers, the manufacturers of the board game. The release of the product has been permanently cancelled.

What a huge shame, it looked like a fantastic board game! Unfortunately rumours suggest that Toy Brokers aren't the only ones looking to pull their SJA merchandise. Character Options, the manufacturers of the SJA toysets, may be pulling the plug on their Sarah Jane line, too. More news as we get it.

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