Saturday, 9 August 2008

Georgia Moffett : Kylie Roman

Kylie Roman
Name: Kylie Roman
(Georgia Moffett)
Age: 22
Background: Ex-psychology student on gap year.

Reckless, fun, vulnerable, lonely, worldly-wise and pin-sharp, Kylie can outwit anyone. And she loves to show that off. Her knowledge of psychology has given her a piercing insight into people's defence mechanisms - she has an uncanny ability to see right through to the core of you. Her brutal honesty - about individuals and humanity - is unnerving. But she's also a great, fearless, party girl. Some say Kylie's brave. Others think she's just crazy.

Kylie brings some attitude to the team and is a bit of a loose cannon, but given what she's been through it's hardly surprising, explains Georgia: "When the bomb went off Kylie was close enough to witness the devastation. However, by being so close to the bomb she got radiation sickness, so she has a real sense that any day could be her last; she likes the idea of going out in a blaze of glory."

It's the need to make every second count that motivated Kylie to join MI5 in the first place: "Before the bomb she couldn't decide what she wanted to do in life," says Georgia. "In joining MI5 she finally found her calling and reason to live - to protect her country."

Playing this reckless character meant Georgia had plenty of action scenes and got to do many of her own stunts: "If the team have to go on a mission, Kylie is the first one there, with gun in hand. I got to do loads of running on roofs, jumping on cars and shooting; it was amazing."

Georgia has carved a successful TV career notching up lead roles in The Bill, in which she played Abigail Nixon, Where the Heart Is and Bonkers. Georgia was seen earlier this year in Doctor Who as The Doctor's daughter and also guest starred in My Family.

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