As you may already be aware, Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 will see some changing around of the main characters, with Maria Jackson and her father moving away from Sarah Jane Smith's neighbourhood.

Apparently this is due to exams, with young actress Yasmin Page being ready to sit her GCSEs during shooting of Series 2; similarly, Luke Smith actor Tommy Knight is set to sit a lot of GCSEs in 2009 which may affect his presence should production on Series 3 be underway by then.

There have been rumours also that Maria Jackson and her father are being completely written out - if this is the case it would seem to be a bit of a missed opportunity to expand on Sarah Jane's horizons.

On the bright side however, we're likely to be introduced to Clyde's parents in Series 2, along with new character Rani Chandra and her family. No chance of getting through this information without making reference to a former rival Time Lady who also went by the name Rani, either.

So new season and new dynamic. Actor and comedian Alexander Armstrong has also returned to voice supercomputer Mr Smith - although he is expected to feature less.