Thursday, 14 August 2008

Who Do You Think You Are?

Doctor Who Personality Test 2Entertain, the company behind the Doctor Who DVD releases, have come up with a fun new feature.

The Doctor Who Personality Test presents you with a number of questions. Depending on your answers, it reveals which Doctor Who character most matches your own personality.

Depending on your loyalty, creativity, determination and your willingness to sacrifice your own life for the sake of Humanity, you'll discover whether your nearest match is Rose, Martha, Donna, or even the Doctor himself.

We took the test and naturally discovered that we were all fearless Time Lords! Who knows what your own test will reveal?

We suspect there's potential to add extra characters in future - we secretly suspect we're really most like Jackie Tyler!

The test was created to tie in with the recent DVD release of Doctor Who Series 4.3.

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