Saturday, 30 August 2008

Where Are They Now? - No.5 Janet Fielding

Janet Fielding (born Janet Mahoney, 1957, Brisbane, Queensland) is an Australian actress who is best known for her role in BBC's Doctor Who as Tegan Jovanka. She was a companion of both the Fourth and Fifth Doctor's.

Tegan Jovanka was an airline stewardess for Air Australia. Loud, brash and stubborn, she was nonetheless gifted with a clever mind and an appreciable dose of common sense. Tegan was not a woman to dance around a problem -- she cut right to the heart of the matter, and had little time to spare for those who would not do likewise. Despite her brassy exterior, however, even Tegan was not immune to the horrible things she witnessed during her time in the TARDIS; at first addictive, the weight of these experiences gradually grew to be more than even she could bear.

Australian Tegan Jovanka was on her way to start a new job as an air hostess when she entered the TARDIS, thinking it was a genuine Police Box. Shortly afterwards, her aunt was murdered by the Master.

After witnessing the Doctor regenerate into his fifth incarnation, she joined Nyssa and Adric in their travels with the Doctor. Tegan's adventures with the Doctor were especially traumatic: she was present when Adric died, and was mentally assaulted by the Mara on Deva Loka.

Finally sickened by all the death she'd witnessed, Tegan left the Doctor and Turlough, after helping to thwart an attempt by the Daleks to invade time itsel

Janet Fielding played Tegan from Logopolis in February 1981 to Resurrection Of The Daleks in February 1984. She returned as a regenerative image for Peter Davison's swan song The Caves Of Androzani in March 1984.

In 1982, Fielding married Daily Mirror foreign editor Nick Davies, who later became notable for allegations of being an arms dealer and Mossad agent. They divorced in 1991.

In the 1990s, Fielding worked as a theatrical agent, at one point representing Paul McGann when he took the role of the Eigth Doctor.

Despite distancing herself from Doctor Who for many years and being vocal in her criticisms of the programme, she returned to the role of Tegan for a Big Finish Productions audio play titled The Gathering released in 2006, once again alongsid Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. Fielding has also provided audio commentaries for several DVD releases of Tegan's Doctor Who stories.

Fielding now works as the head of finance for a major charity organisation

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